How to book your tours

An online booking is made in four steps:

  • Add to the cart the service you want to book. Once you are in the service you want to book, you must select the date and time when you want to make it in the calendar and the respective number of people. You can add to the shopping cart as many services as you want.

  • Check your booking summary. Once in the shopping cart, you will be able to verify that all services are added on the correct dates and times. 

  • Complete the information related to the travelers. Then, we will ask you to indicate who will use the services by filling in the name, last name, and information about accommodation and flights.

  • Pay your reservation online.  In case the payment is successful, you will return to our website where you will find a summary of your purchase; at the same time, we will send you the corresponding confirmation e-mail, with all your itinerary details.

We use Paypal as a payment method. For your convenience Paypal accept credit card payments.